On-duty cop sings “I will survive” after dealing with a brawl at a karaoke bar

• A cop was persuaded to perform on stage after dealing with a bar brawl
• The officer, who was in full uniform, gave a spirited rendition of the 70’s disco hit “I Will Survive”
• Gloria Gaynor, the original singer of the song, praised the officer on Twitter

A Glasgow police sergeant wowed the patrons at a bar in Glasgow in the United Kingdom with his karaoke rendition of the 70’s disco classic “I Will Survive.”

The cop, who gave his name as Jon, along with three other colleagues were called to the Waterloo Bar at Argyle Street in Glasgow City last June 1 to deal with a brawl. A 23-year-old man involved in the bar fight was reportedly arrested.

Telegraph said that after interviewing some people in the bar and reviewing CCTV tapes, Sergeant Jon was asked by the karaoke bar host if he could perform on stage. The cop gamely accepted the request and announced “I will sing”.

The sergeant, who was in full uniform, then gave a spirited rendition of the classic disco song originally sung and made famous by Gloria Gaynor to the delight of bar customers. After his performance, the cop took a bow and received a standing ovation before returning to his duties.

Karaoke host Katie Boyle, who persuaded the sergeant to take to the stage, posted on Facebook: “So I managed to get Sergeant John to sing in the Waterloo Bar today after a wee incident.”

Police Scotland Chief Inspector Mark Sutherland commended the sergeant, saying: “Once the inquiry had concluded and the victim’s safety ensured, Sgt. Jon Harris from our city center community policing team was encouraged to participate in karaoke ongoing in the pub. Sgt. Jon took to the stage, which helped to defuse any simmering tensions in the pub.”

Gloria Gaynor praised the cop on Twitter after his performance became a hit on social media. She tweeted: “I love this! Sgt Jon Harris sang #iwillsurvive to smooth tensions in Glasgow pub after a brawl.”