Online user backs service crew against demeaning store manager

  • One online user shared how he defended a belittled service crew against a rude store manager in a popular fastfood chain
  • His post has gone viral garnering 66,000 reactions and 11,000 shares in 2 days
  • It is a lesson for everyone to learn to be respectful and considerate of others 


This was what social media user Jayson Alarca shared on a lengthy post he wrote on his Facebook account after he took the side of a deliberately humiliated service crew and defended her against the store manager who belittled her.

In his recollection of the event, Alarca, whose post has gone viral in just 2 days with over 11,000 shares and 66,000 reactions as of posting, said the service crew was not able to get his orders, which he perfectly understood because of the huge crowd of customers and ‘background noise’, and asked him his order again. But as he was repeating his order, the Store Manager interrupted and verbally shamed the crew, which Alarca described as rude and unprofessional.

“Store Manager: Jusko, isang bwan ka na dito. Wala ka pa ding kaalam-alam. Kukuha lang ng order di mo pa kaya. Diyan ka nga muna sa gilid.”

[Store Manager: You’ve been here for a month and yet you still don’t know anything. You can’t even take the order correctly. Move over.]

She went on to take Alarca’s order but the latter, who didn’t like the way the manager treated her subordinate, gave her a lecture about humility and respect, instead. He then refused to give the startled manager his order – because he lost his appetite – and walked away.

Here is what Alarca had to say:

“Me: Nasa likod ka lang ng crew di ba? Di mo din ba narinig yung order ko? So meaning, bilang manager ka na, ‘di ka marunong kumuha ng order. I understand na Manager ka dito at trainee siya, pero wala kang karapatang ipahiya ‘yung crew sa harap ng ibang tao. Dapat naiintindihan mo siya kasi diyan ka din nagsimula. WAG KANG MASYADONG MATAAS TE KASI NAGSIMULA KA DIN SA BABA.”

[You were just behind the crew, right? So it means you also didn’t hear my order? So being a manager, you also don’t know how to take the order correctly. I understand you are the manager and she is just a trainee, but that doesn’t give you the right to humiliate her in front of other people. You should understand her better because you’ve been there too. Don’t be so proud.]

Hats off, Jayson Alarca. True enough, people should learn how to be respectful – no matter what your status in life is.

Read Jayson Alarca’s full Facebook post below:


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  1. Crab mentality. Yan ang sakit ng ibang pinoy. Lumalaki ang ulo dahil sa mataas na ang rank sa isang company. And what he said and did to the manager was the best thing to do. Hahaha nice one

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