Outgoing Justice Secretary disagrees with Duterte’s plan to execute 50 criminals per month

  • Outgoing Acting Justice Secretary Emmanuel Caparas disagreed with Duterte’s plan to hang 50 criminals per month
  • A review of the country’s international obligations and commitments must be carried out before passing a law allowing the reimplemention of death penalty
  • Duterte suggested that hanging 50 criminals per month will deter crime

Outgoing Acting Justice Secretary Emmanuel Caparas disagreed with President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s plan to put a quota on the number of executions once the death penalty law is reinstated.

“Putting a quota, putting a number, I would revisit that. You don’t put a number to items like that,” he said.

Caparas is referring to Duterte’s statement during a meeting with several lawmakers in Davao City on Tuesday, June 7, where the incoming president said he wanted 50 drug lords and other criminals to be executed per month to instill fear in the hearts of would-be criminals.

Duterte said hanging 50 criminals per month will deter crime.

When asked by a journalist during a press conference at the Department of Justice on Thursday, June 9, if he is in favor of the death penalty restoration, Caparas said it is up to the incoming Duterte administration to decide on the fate of death penalty.

“Let’s just put it this way, the official stance of this current administration is that we do not adhere to the death penalty. Again that being the case, any administration following this administration may very well look into that and change policy.”

As mentioned in Keith Calayag’s article for Sun Star dated June 10, 2016, Caparas also suggested that the country’s obligations in international conventions be reviewed before passing a law allowing the reimplementation of the death penalty.

“We do have international obligations and commitments and these have to be reviewed as well because that will have an impact on that,” he said.


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Sun Star, ABS-CBN, MSN


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  1. Who cares about what the international community will say if the death penalty will be reimposed? Even if it does not deter crime, at the very least, it gives justice to the families of the victims of heinous crimes and society gets rid of pests like drug pushers and addicts that is a threat to national security. I doubt if that will be your stand if one of your loved ones becomes a victim of heinous crimes.

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