Over 300 Pinoy health workers fly to Japan under bilateral work program

  • At least 60 nurses and 274 caregivers from the Philippines went to Japan to work under a bilateral agreement program
  • The program is part of the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement signed in 2006
  • The Japanese government said the program aims to address Japan’s shortage of workers due to its aging population

Over 300 health care professionals from the Philippines have left for Japan on Thursday to avail of the bilateral partnership signed by the two countries wherein the workers will be given the chance to take a licensure examination in the imperial country and eventually land in jobs.

In an article published by Kyodo News that was wired to ABS-CBN News on June 3, 2016, it was disclosed that at least 60 nurses and 274 caregivers comprised the eighth batch of Filipino workers who flew to Japan under the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement that was established in 2006.

Upon their arrival, the workers will undergo a six-month intensive training on the Japanese culture and language, which is a continuation of a preparatory program first conducted in Manila prior to their departure.

Later this year, the workers will serve in different Japanese health care facilities for their on-the-job training (OJT), which is one of the requirements for the country’s professional licensure examination.

“Rest assured that the government of Japan and JICWELS (Japan International Corporation of Welfare Services) will also help you in providing a lot of assistance for your preparation for the national licensure examination, as well as for securing a proper working environment,” said Hiroyuki Enoki, Japanese labor attache to the Philippines; adding that the program aims to address the shortage of workers in Japan due to its aging population.

“We all expect that you can give us a hand to address the labor shortage and the aging society in Japan,” Enoki said.