Petition to appoint Bongbong as “Deputy President” launched

  • A petition was launched urging President-elect Duterte to appoint Marcos as ‘Deputy President’
  • The move was supposedly to protect the incoming administration from the interests of Pres. Aquino and Mar Roxas
  • The petition on has earned more than 4,400 signatures in just two days

MANILA, Philippines – A petition on urging President-elect Rodrigo Duterte to appoint losing vice presidential candidate Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos as “Deputy President of the Republic of the Philippines” has been making the rounds on social media recently.

The petition, initiated by one Midas Marcos on Saturday, June 4, calls on Duterte to appoint Marcos as Deputy President; a position that is non-existent in the Philippine Constitution.

Marcos lost by a hairline to former Camarines Sur Representative Leni Robredo in what could be the closest vice presidential contest in the country ‘s election history.

The son and namesake of the late strongman, Ferdinand Marcos, has yet to concede to VP-elect Robredo and has even vowed to question the latter’s victory via an electoral protest amid allegations of poll fraud.

The petitioner reminded Duterte on his earlier promise to appoint Robredo as “Assistant President” if she failed to win the election; and as such, the same courtesy should be extended to Marcos whom the incoming president said he would not want to hurt by giving the Bicolana lawmaker a Cabinet post.

“You have mentioned in an interview with Rappler that if Leni Robredo will not win the Vice Presidential race, you will appoint her as your Assistant President,” the petition read.

It added: “Now that Leni Robredo has been proclaimed by the Senate and House of Congress as the duly “elected” Vice President of the Philippines, the opportunity for an Office of the Deputy President can be offered to Senator Bongbong Marcos.”

The appointment of Marcos to the yet-to-be created position is supposedly meant to ‘protect’ the incoming administration from the ‘interests’ of the outgoing president and his allies.

In the heat of the election campaign, Marcos accused President Aquino and the Liberal Party (LP) of hatching ‘Plan B’ – allegedly to cheat in the election to ensure Robredo’s victory and impeach Duterte so the VP-elect can take over.

“You can be assured that your administration will be protected against the interests of the oligarchs Aquinos and Roxases,” the petition, which can be viewed HERE, concludes. It has earned more than 4,400 signatures, so far.

Two weeks ago, a similar petition was launched on, but it was calling for the appointment of Marcos as Secretary of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

As a defeated candidate, however, Marcos, who will complete his six-year term as senator on June 30, is constitutionally-banned for one year from being appointed to any government position.



  1. Sorry it’s not what the constitution states. Read pa more about the constitution. Don’t make people ignorant as in the time of his father.

    • you are the lone ignorant here…read the column first b4 you make your bias comment …fool

  2. haaay . . . mangarap pa .. . libre yan .. . isinisiksik pilit ang sarili . .. wala na OLAT na eh . .. hintay ka na lang kung kailan makakalimot ang mga pilipino sa pang aabuso nyo , di lang nanay at tatay mo, pati kayong magkakapatid na nagbuhay prinsipe at prinsesa noon . .. . MARAMI NAMAN NA KAYONG PERA MASKI APO NG APO NYO DI KAYANG UBUSIN . .. kaya tama na … sukdulan na ang KASAKIMAN .. . kahit konting hiya naman dyan.

    • Ungas ..anong kasakiman ang pinagsasabi mo …ikumpara mo ang mga nagawa ng mga Marcoses vs sa mga Aquino para malaman mo kung sino ang tunay na may malasakit sa pagtulong para sa ikauunlad ng bansang ito at para sa mamamayang hikaos sa buhay… gamitin mo naman yang katiting na sentido kumon mo ..kung mayro pang natitira ha?….o kaya imulat mo yang singkit mong mga mata para makita mo ang katotohanan..

  3. God forbid!!!!!! Never ever for a Marcos to come into power again…… Most of you who are in favor for another Marcos in power are too young to have actually experienced life during martial rule. You are still all too young, boys and girls. Study carefully our history before making your false move, again. Remember when Ferdinand Marcos assumed the presidency of this country in 1965, the Philippines came second to Japan in economic development in the whole of Asia, but when he was ousted 21 years later in 1986, in a peaceful EDSA revolt, the Philippines was already left behind by most of its Asian neighbors. These are facts nobody would ever disagree. Marcos looted the coffers of the country dry, that until now they have not even returned, even just 10% of what they got illegally. Now, you want his son to go back to power?????????? Bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You want to make the Filipinos the “laughing stock” in the world by putting another Marcos, a son at that, in power? Do you know that during martial rule years in the Philippines, American media rarely called Ferdinand Marcos as president? Instead, they called him as dictator Marcos. Now, you want another Marcos? Oh!, what a fool of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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