PH remains one of the top sources of child pornography worldwide — UNICEF

  • United Nations Children’s Fund raised alarm over pornography in Philippines
  • Philippines is still one of the top sources of child pornography worldwide
  • The country is one of the worst-affected countries in Asia-Pacific for online abuse

A United Nations organization has raised alarm over the pornography in the Philippines, which remains to be among the world’s top sources of child pornography.

In an article that was posted on ABS-CBN News, it was disclosed that the Philippines is one of the “worst-affected countries in Asia-Pacific for online abuse,” the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) rang the alarm bells regarding child pornography in the Philippines. It cited that there were even cases where the parents themselves help arrange sexual abuse of children on camera.

“We need to raise awareness and vigilance of this issue, so that parents and others understand that child abuse – in any form – is not just morally wrong, it is also extremely harmful to children’s health and development,” said UNICEF Representative in the Philippines Lotta Sylwander.

Sylwander noted that instead of becoming better, the situation is even getting worse as several children around the Philippines continue to participate in webcam “shows.” It was found out that these children earn P150 per appearance.

“The cost to their health and well-being is much greater. In later life, they are more likely to have mental health problems, not attend or drop out of school, to attempt suicide, and to engage in high-risk behaviors,” the representative disclosed.

Meanwhile, UNICEF Associate Director of Child Protection Cornelius Williams said technology has been a factor for online abuse.

To note, a UNICEF study revealed that at least eight in 10 of Filipino youth is at risk of online sexual abuse and bullying.

You can watch here the video about the online sexual abuse in the Philippines: