Photo of tired student who sells snacks to fund his schooling goes viral

• A photo of a student who fell asleep out of tiredness from selling snacks went viral
• The photo was snapped by Facebook user Angel Jane Lopez
• Social media users have nothing but admiration for the industrious student

A photo of a male student who fell asleep inside a passenger jeepney apparently because of tiredness from selling his stuff consisting of boiled quail eggs, peanuts and candies, went viral after it was uploaded by a social media user.

Trending News Portal shared the photo, snapped by a netizen identified as Angel Jane Lopez, of the unidentified student who was seen holding onto a metal bar inside the jeepney with his right hand while dozing off and holding the merchandise he was selling with his left hand.

In her Facebook post, Angel Jane Lopez can’t help but admire the young man for his perseverance. She even offered a silent prayer for the tired student that the Lord would bless him with realizing his dreams. Lopez hoped that the photo she shared would inspire other students to persevere in their studies.

Lopez noticed that the young student wore no socks and his uniform needs ironing as they were wrinkled.

“Hanga ako sa ‘yo, kuya [I admire you, brother],” wrote Lopez in her Facebook post.

All other social media users who saw the photo of the young man has nothing but praises for him. They say his kind is rare nowadays.

One netizen thought the tired student was pitiful, but other internet users quickly corrected her. They said the young student was not to be pitied, but should be admired.