Pope Francis: Starvation should not be used as an act of war

  • Pope Francis delivered a speech at the headquarters of the World Food Program (WFP)
  • The Church leader condemned the use of starvation as an act of war
  • Last January, UN Secretary-general Ban Ki Moon said that the situation in war-stricken countries “haunt the soul”

Pope Francis has condemned the use of starvation as an act of war; saying that such “incomprehensible political decisions” are “skewed ideological visions” that violate international laws.

In an article written by Phillip Pullela for Reuters that was wired to InterAksyon on June 14, 2016, it was disclosed that the leader of the Roman Catholic Church cited the prevention of the delivery of supplies to war-stricken nations as a crime.

“In some cases, hunger itself is used as a weapon of war. (Weapons) circulate with brazen and virtually absolute freedom in many parts of the world. As a result, wars are fed, not people,” Francis said in a speech delivered at the headquarters of the World Food Program (WFP).

He also noted that the world is currently facing a “strange paradox” wherein “forms of aid and development projects are obstructed by involved and incomprehensible political decisions, skewed ideological visions and impenetrable customs barriers, weaponry is not.”

Last January, Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations accused the Syrian government and several rebellious groups of using starvation as a strategy for war.

He said that the situation in the areas experiencing violence “haunt the soul” and are “utterly unconscionable.”

“Perhaps nothing more urgently reflects the need to act than the harrowing scenes from Madaya… Shocking depths of inhumanity… the elderly and children, men and women, who were little more than skin and bones: gaunt, severely malnourished, so weak they could barely walk, and utterly desperate for the slightest morsel,” the UN official said.