Prank goes awry leaving Barney’s costume stuck on girl’s head

TRUSSVILLE, Alabama – A prank goes wrong leaving the head of Barney’s costume stuck in a girl’s head.

Eli Panken and Corky Siemaszko mentioned in their article for NBC News published on June 22 that firefighters needed half an hour to remove the purple costume on the head of 15-year-old Darby Risner.

“I was so happy. I was really worried for a while there that they wouldn’t be able to get it off of me,” Darby said.

The incident happened on Sunday night while Darby was at a sleepover and found the purple costume head in the basement.

“I want to scare my friends, so I put it on and waited for them to come downstairs. It didn’t scare them,” Darby said.

The teenager said she didn’t immediately try to take the head off because her friends were laughing and having fun.

“When it started to get hot, I tried to push it off. That’s when I realized it was stuck,” she said.

Darby said she didn’t panic initially but the costume was big that it started slipping down over her shoulder and her arms were pinned.

“That made me nervous,” Darby shared.

That time, her friends and a parent rubbed Vaseline on her arms and then tried to push the costume off, however, it kept slipping down.

Darby got panicky after her friends failed several more times to get the head off. They finally decided to march out of the house and drive to the Trussville Fire Department.

Darby said she cannot see anything but was able to hear that firefighters were laughing when she was led inside the station.

An article by Katie Mettler for The Washington Post said that even the firefighters couldn’t get the head off at first.

“She’s so little that when they lifted the head, it lifted her off the ground so they had to hold down her feet,” said Trussville Fire Lt. Vince Bruno.

“And with the Vaseline on her arms, they said it was like trying to wrestle a greased pig,” he added.

Eventually, the firefighters brought out a tool and started cutting slits of the costumes.

“Then they pulled really hard and it popped off. It was a big relief,” Darby said.