Raffy Tima: Catcalling my wife is wrong in so many levels

  • Reporter Raffy Tima reacted on incoming president Rodrigo Duterte’s act towards his wife
  • Tima said catcalling his wife Mariz Umali is ‘wrong in so many levels’
  • Umali asked a question to president-elect Duterte in a press conference where the latter whistled, sang to her

Well-known reporter Raffy Tima reacted on how incoming president Rodrigo Duterte treated his wife and fellow reporter Mariz Umali during a press conference on Wednesday, June 1.

Tima pointed out that catcalling his wife is wrong in so many levels.

“Catcalling my wife is wrong in so many levels. I expected that from a Mayor Duterte. I know his reputation well enough not to be shocked by it, but that does not make it right. For someone who espouses leadership by example, catcalling anyone in a press conference with all cameras trained on him defies logic. Then again, that’s Mayor Duterte,” Tima wrote on Facebook.

During a press conference on Wednesday, his wife, reporter Mariz Umali, asked Duterte about how will he deal with cabinet secretaries who are non-performing. Instead of giving immediate answers, Duterte just whistled and sang to her.

Umali, on the other hand, was able to deal with the situation; managing to get the answers she needed from the official.

Still, Tima vented out on social media; saying he got even more disappointed with the reaction of other people inside the room.

“What appalled me even more was how some people in the room reacted. Most laughed, others made teasing noise and basically urged the mayor to dish some more! And he did. I do hope none of them were journalists because if they were, shame on them,” he said.

Furthermore, Tima pointed out that not all jokes should be laughed at.

“When you see or hear anyone say something wrong you do not encourage it, you do the opposite. Or in that particular instance at least, they should have kept quite and in their silence gIve the message that what the mayor did was wrong. Some jokes are funny and should be laughed at… but disrespecting women is definitely not one of them,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Umali remained calm amid the situation.

“Thank you so much, Mahal. Admittedly, I was surprised with Pres. Duterte’s response to my question. However, I tried to understand him based on what I know about him, kept my composure and insisted on my answer, which I got. Thank you for this,” she said on Facebook.

You can watch here the video of the press conference; where Duterte catcalled Umali: