Read: Duterte’s aide explains why they decided separate inauguration for him and Leni

  • President-elect’s aide explained why Duterte wants a separate inauguration from Leni Robredo
  • He said Duterte’s inauguration will be simple and include a few select people only
  • They said it would be unfair to Robredo if they also restrict her number of guests
  • They will give her the freedom to choose her guests, hence the separate inauguration

MANILA, Philippines – As far as Rodrigo Duterte’s team is concerned, the separate inauguration for him and vice president-elect Leni Robredo does not mean there is bad blood between the two.

In a text message he sent to ABS-CBN, the president-elect’s long-time aide Bong Go clarified that they are only holding separate inaugurations because they don’t want to restrict the number of Robredo’s guests especially since Duterte promised that his ceremony would be simple and involve only a few people.

Image from ABS-CBN's Facebook page
Image from ABS-CBN’s Facebook page

“This imposition will not be fair to Leni as the limited slots would restrict her prerogative to invite more guests and supporters as a good number of slots are to be allotted for members of congress, judiciary and to the diplomatic corps,” he said. “More so, the remaining limited number of slots are likewise given to family and friends.”

Go added that Robredo, her family and supporters also deserve to plan out their own inauguration.

“We believe that Leni Robredo’s family and supporters who worked hard for her deserve also to be present to celebrate her victory,” he said. “And this can only be possible through a separate inauguration.”

Duterte earlier promised to hold a simple inaugural ceremony. However, his decision to hold it separately from Robredo has drawn mixed reviews— with some praising him for being careful against the Liberal Party (LP) stalwart and others accusing him of breaking his promise to create a unifying government.

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