Son of a puto vendor inspires many as he makes top 2 of CPA Board Exam

  • The top 2 of the CPA Board exam is the son of a puto vendor
  • Kimjames Manalo is inspiring many people online with his will to succeed, whatever his circumstances are
  • Manalo was also a salutatorian in elementary and high school

The COR Jesu College of Digos (CJC) made history after one of its students, Kimjames Sarapanan Manalo, landed second in the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Board Licensure Examination. It is the first time for the college to break into the top 10 for the CPA exams. But that is not the main reason why their graduate is being talked about online. As it is, Manalo’s story serves as an inspiration to many.

Manalo is the son of a ‘puto’ [ricecake] vendor. He faced a lot of challenges and difficulties to finish his studies, but he made it. He graduated magna cum laude at CJC in 2015 and took a year for review school.

One of Manalo’s teachers at CJC, Edgel Earl Abear, advised him to take a one-year review because he saw the potential of the student to rank at the top of the exams.

Abear described his topnotcher student as silent, studious, and very humble.

The sixth and the youngest among his siblings, his parents also described him to SunStar with similar words. “Hilumon kayo, mag sige rag study sa kwarto.”

[Quiet and would always study in the room.]

Manalo studied in a public school and graduated salutatorian in 2007 from Ruparan Elementary School and in 2011, from Ruparan National High School. He entered CJC as a Benedictine scholar.

He didn’t have much time for leisure. He would go to the mall only to sit and read a book. He often didn’t have any money going to school. He would go to the mall but not for shopping. He would just sit there to read a book or review for school.

“My family is my inspiration. I dream of having my own firm,” he said.

Before Manalo, Corjesian Nielz Delica was the highest top ranking examinee from CJC who placed at 18th in the 2005 CPA exam.