Soon-to-be aunt Alex Gonzaga sings ‘Tatlong Bibe’ to Toni’s baby bump

  • Soon-to-be aunt Alex Gonzaga sang ‘Tatlong Bibe’ to her sister Toni’s baby bump
  • The video was posted on Instagram; where it got thousands of views and favorites
  • Toni seemed not in the mood; Alex explained that it’s just pregnancy hormone

How does it feel to be an aunt for the very first time? Apparently, for actress-host Alex Gonzaga, it is exciting.

On Instagram, Alex posted a video of her while singing the popular nursery rhyme “Tatlong Bibe” to her sister Toni’s baby bump.

“Kanta para sa inang ate at sa aking pamangkin. Remix version pa ginawa ko. Can’t wait to sing it to you live. All for the love [A song for my sister and my niece/nephew. I sang the remix version. Can’t wait to sing it to you live. All for the love],” Alex said.

Toni, however, was obviously irritated. Explaining Toni’s reaction, Alex said her sister’s reaction can be associated with “pregnancy hormones.”

Still, many seemed to be touched by the Instagram video which generated thousands of views and favorites. As of posting, the video already has 323,000 views and 54,800 favorites.

Earlier, Toni officially confirmed that she’s pregnant with her first baby with husband Paul Soriano. The well-known actress and host made the announcement on ASAP where she said that the very first person to know of the news was Alex.

Meanwhile, during the announcement, Toni also expressed her excitement on becoming a mom.

“I’m so happy that finally our love story ay nagbunga na [has a fruit] and yes, God finally opened my womb and I’m expecting my first child,” she said.

“I just wanna really enjoy the moment and it took me some time kasi I was waiting for my doctor’s approval na it’s a go, that I can finally say ‘I’m pregnant!’” the actress added.