Supermodel Karlie Kloss airs complaint against Philippine Airlines

  • Karlie Kloss lashed out at Philippine Airlines (PAL)
  • She said the flag carrier has the “worst customer service of all time”
  • PAL reached out and apologized to the supermodel

American supermodel Karlie Kloss took to social media to air her complaint against Philippine Airlines (PAL); claiming that the flag carrier has the “worst customer service of all time”.

Image from Karlie Klaus Twitter Account
Image from Karlie Klaus Twitter Account

On her Twitter  account, the 23-year-old former Victoria’s Secret Angel posted a photo of herself at the airport which has the words “NO ONE FLYS PHILIPPINE AIRLINES AND NOW I KNOW WHY.”

Her tweet read: “PAL has the worst customer service of all time. Rude and disrespectful. Shame on you.”

Kloss also expressed her dismay on her Snapchat account and seemingly gave light to what caused her outburst online. quoted her as saying: “I travel international on a weekly basis and I’ve never had a worse customer experience than I had tonight. Thanks, Philippine Airlines.”

She also revealed that she missed her flight .

PAL was alarmed over the supermodel’s online rant and reached out to her immediately.

The flag carrier apologized for the inconvenience and disappointment Kloss went through and asked her to send her email address and ticket details so they may address her concerns properly.

In a series of replies to Kloss’ tweet, PAL revealed that matter has been escalated to their Customer Relations Office.

A lot of Twitter users reacted to PAL’s actions and accused the flag carrier of being unfair.

Several users said that just because the complainant is a celebrity like Klaus, PAL is alarmed but when it comes to the complaints of ordinary people, they’re not taking any action.

Some defended PAL; saying that probably it’s the supermodel’s fault that she missed her flight while others said that for Kloss to say such things against PAL, she might not have been assisted properly.



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