‘Sushi donuts’ are the Internet’s latest food obsession

  • The ‘sushi donut’ is the Internet’s drool-worthy food trend
  • Instagram user @sobeautifullyraw invented the ‘sushi donuts’
  • ‘Sushi donuts’ are technically just sushi shaped like a donut
Image from @sobeautifullyraw Instagram account
Image from @sobeautifullyraw Instagram account

If there’s one thing the Internet is obsessed with, it’s food. Our news feeds on a daily basis are flooded with post after post of food-related content — a sneak peek into a new trendy restaurant, recipe videos, mouth-watering food porn, and lately, unlikely food mashups.

On its own, donuts are awesome. But due to the social media’s preoccupation with food and inventing something new, it has recently become a favorite hotbed for culinary innovations. We’ve seen and tried the cronut, macaron donut, and the combination of donut and burrito called the ‘doughrito’; One might wonder when is the Internet going to run out of ideas.

Instagram user @sobeautifullyraw is keeping the ball rolling by inventing sushi donuts. The account has become ‘Insta-famous’ with its mouth-watering pictures, which caught Sam Murphy, the owner of the account, by surprise.

“I definitely didn’t see it coming!” she confessed to Bustle, talking about the account’s rapidly-growing number of followers.

She revealed how her masterpieces are done: “This is how I used up my sushi leftovers. Simply grease a donut mold with coconut oil, mold in cooled sushi rice and then gently remove by lifting the pan upside down. Decorated with black sesame, ginger, wasabi, cashew Mayo & avocado.”

Image from Whole Foods' Instagram account
Image from Whole Foods’ Instagram account

Though sushi donuts are technically just regular sushi in the shape of donuts, they look like magical, sophisticated works of art.

Murphy shared with The Huffington Post that the idea stemmed from her obsession with sushi and some National Donut Day experimentation.

Due to its aesthetically-perfect and 100% vegan nature, even health store chain Whole Foods is getting in the sushi donut craze by creating their own using brown rice roll filled with salmon and avocado, which may appear in one of their stores soon.