Taliban uses young ‘beautiful, handsome’ boys to attack police in Afghanistan

  • Taliban have been using “beautiful, handsome” boys to attack police in Afghanistan
  • The boys, who are often child sex slaves employed by police, have also been recruited by the Taliban
  • Human rights groups have decried the practice prevalent on both sides of the conflict in the country

Reports indicate that the Taliban have been using boy sex slaves to launch their attacks on police in Afghanistan.

The terrorist group have been taking advantage of a prevailing ancient practice in the country called bacha bazi or paedophilic boy play to infiltrate police and other security offices.

The boys, called bacha bereesh or “boys without beards” who are often employed as child sex slaves by police officials, become “honey traps” who are able to enter the offices and carry out their killing sprees.

“The Taliban are sending boys, beautiful boys, handsome boys, to penetrate checkpoints and kill, drug and poison policemen. They have figured out the biggest weakness of police forces, bacha bazi,” explained former Uruzgan provincial police chief Ghulam Sakhi Rogh Lewanai to AFP, as quoted in an article by GMA News.

In the Afghan province of Urzugan, almost all of its 370 local and national checkpoints are believed to employ the bacha bazi boys.

“If they are told to reform their ways, a common reply is: ‘If you force me to abandon my boy lover, I will also abandon the checkpoint.’ The Taliban are not too blind to notice that this addiction is worse than opium,” a local judge told RT.

The Taliban are believed to take advantage of the boys who often suffer abuse under the police officers and recruit them into carrying out their attacks.

A Taliban official, however, denied that they use children in their attacks; saying that the group has prohibited the practice of bacha bazi within their ranks from 1996 to 2001.

“We have a special mujahideen brigade for such operations, all grown men with beards,” the spokesperson said.

Human rights groups, however, decried the practice; noting that child sex slaves have been utilized by both the terrorist groups as well as the police forces in Afghanistan.

“Bacha bazi is pervasive sexual slavery of children, seen widely as a cultural practice and not a crime. Since it is mostly practiced by those in positions of power, warlords, commanders, politicians, it is hard to stamp out,” said Child Soldiers International director Charu Lata Hogg.