Teenager accidentally rips off finger while climbing fence then manages to retrieve it himself

  • A 16-year-old boy accidentally rips his finger off climbing a fence but manages to retrieve it again
  • He managed to keep calm and seek first aid on his own
  • He also says that despite still shaking off the trauma, the incident won’t stop him from finishing his exams

A teenage school boy in the United Kingdom who accidentally ripped his finger off while climbing over a fence managed to go back and find his torn off finger again.

16-year-old Lorne Pepper and his girlfriend Olivia Johnson from Chelmsford, Essex were hurrying to get out of their high school so they decided to climb over the school’s fence.

The girl’s skirt, however, became snared on the fence so the boy tried to help her out but in the process, a ring got caught on one of the spikes and while jumping over, his finger was torn off.

“When Olivia was going over, her skirt got caught on the spikes at the top. She was stuck so I climbed up to help her, and my ring got caught on the spikes and took my finger off. The first thing I did was take my watch off and put it away so it didn’t get blood on it. My finger was stuck at the top of the fence, so I had to climb back up the fence to get it because I knew it would need it to get it reattached,” Pepper recounted to the Mirror.

Despite the trauma of the bloody ordeal, the teenage boy managed to keep calm and seek help.

“People were coming out of the junior school nearby and I asked them for some ice to put it in. All the time I was holding my arm up in the air because the blood would have gone everywhere. My girlfriend was panicking enough for both of us. She was screaming so I knew I had to keep calm,” he added.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend who saw everything transpired recalls how the boy managed to keep a cheery disposition despite the accident.

“In the ambulance, Lorne was absolutely fine. He was on gas and air giggling away, while I was panicking. I passed out in the ambulance, but he was being really brave. It felt like something out of a horror film. It was so surreal, it didn’t feel like real life. It happened so quickly, but it felt like it was slow motion,” Johnson said.

The boy had to undergo 11 hours of surgery to reattach his finger.

Despite still shaking of the trauma, Pepper says the accident will not stop him from completing his exams, noting that he is trying his best to concentrate on his studies and being assisted by a scribe during his tests.