The Rising Unemployment…My Views. Why?

Before, circa 70’s & 80’s, when we, the working group, were called for job interviews, all preps were in order. What we shall wear defines our being. Clean, neat and dressed like “pamburol” as teasingly termed. After days ahead of due diligence scouting where the office is for said sked, we come 15-30 minutes before the alloted time. We come prepared, talk with sense and full of determination to succeed and go pass the echelon of corporate hierarchy proof of which we MUST show via hardwork. We perform hard enough to be noticed by management.

Concern for the growth and uplift of the firm are our daily vision and mission.

The story doesn’t end when we get to next level. Higher echelon/higher responsibility signals the start of more vibrance and dynamism.

And so be it until the 90’s when “contractual employment” begun to rule Philippine working arena. There was a change in attitude. Employment agencies mushroomed, temp hirings multiplied and the C & D working class grew.

Resignations are no worry for agencies as applicants for needed positions double each day.

Contractuals instilled in their minds that “a complete employment” is just 5 months.

After which they must go and look for another one…and another one…and another one.

The attitude turned from dynamism to show off good in current job into one focused on looking for next employment
…and to the next…and to the next.

And while applying, many did not mind the proper decorum. Coming in late for interviews.

Arriving in informal attire despite ad notice to that effect.

Moment they’re hired they become unmindful of company policies & regulations for if they are fired-out it’s picking peanuts to change employment venues.

Determination to succeed gone.

The total attitude of reliable and best fitted worker or employee is lost.

Many kept on changing jobs and a lot of them applicants, who became contented with just transferring-forgot to grow-grow intellectually until they do not meet employers’ requirements any longer that they fail…tremendously contributing to the jobless wanderers.

As an example to this, our company hired a very active, industrious and efficient Supervisor for Special Events Operations.
Really efficient. But after five months she resigned and applied for another job. We asked her why. Her reply was: I was accustomed to doing such. I need to change job. Oh WOW!

I believe contractualization of workers hit a gold mine in the matter.

Here are my own experiences:

1.    Two applicants were sched to appear at 10:00 a.m. on a certain date. They confirmed beforehand. Days before the scheduled date, there were no notices that they won’t be able to make it. They arrived 1 day and 2 hours late after the mentioned date. I SENT THEM HOME. NO INTERVIEW.

2.   For so many times there were applicants called for interviews who will confirm appearance on set date but will call or text 1-2 hours pre-interview that they cannot come for they had NO money for fares. WHAT?

3.    In the process of interview I noticed the constant change of employment of 1 interviewee every 5 months for about 8-10 times. And I asked why. He replied: “of course Sir, I’m young and adventurous and I easily get bored of one employment”. My next question: “and so what will happen if I hire you? You will do the same thing to us” His reply: “aahh I’m really not sure Sir” AND SO, my last question was: “DO YOU KNOW YOUR WAY OUT”?

4.    Out of the total 300 or so applicants for different positions interviewed, 6 passed to be Restaurant Managers. But the 4, after making them sign/accept the appointment papers absented themselves from the VERY FIRST DAY OF WORK and 3 appeared as if NOTHING had transpired on the second day and 1 on the third day. THEY ALL WENT HOME EMPTY HANDED…JOBLESS. (such offense is particularly listed as company violation on the signed appointment paper)

5.    Out of so many, these 3 were hired but proved un-worthy of continuous hiring. On the first day of orientation and product knowledge training, all arrived late. 1 arrived 2 hours after scheduled time, another 48 minutes after and one 36 minutes late. The second day, they, again, all arrived late blaming the rush hour and traffic. I PAID THEIR 2 DAYS AND SENT THEM HOME…as always, again, OUT OF JOB.

6.    Despite the tiny 40-pax seating capacity of our resto, I had fired out 8 cooks/kitchen helpers and 6 service crews. Our products are “innovations” of existing recipes and newly created technologically processed ones. Being different from the rest and from what have been learned formally or by “huido”, they call for massive product knowledge and actual training. Preparations, EXACT cooking techniques and quality consistent serving are a MUSTs to us.

To attain the degree of needed consistency, STRICTLY TO BE FOLLOWED printed cooking procedures (both in English & in the dialect) are handed out and clearly explained to the minute details including the “WHYs” they must be followed up to “what will happen” when they are NOT. Examples are explained and actual tasks are demonstrated.

Almost ALL of the dismissed cooks & kitchen helpers obeyed the rules and procedures for no more than 4 times then reverted to what they have erroneously practiced from former employments or “boredom” set in or “kayabangan” (boastfulness) erupted. Inconsistency surfaced to the detriment of our products. Loss in sales, negative publicity and 2 or 3 even took them up to different social media forums. Had to act fast.

Big number of our clients are “repeaters” and some are literally and strongly pushed to purchase due to mouth advertisements from friends, non-friends and social media commendations from various food bloggers. They are NOT “just to fill the belly” affair. Regular clientele really look for them and expect that they are consistent to what they have loved before. In vain if kitchen staff will deviate from the rules.

…and so…they’re back to jobless status.

7.    Ok, hired. Assigned as service crew or cook to one of the special events we participate into. Their team is complete with “all”…repeat, “ALL” needs in that event. Not only complete to the teeth but in good usable conditions. Upon return to office, used utensils, materials & equipments are geared to specific area. Hours later a checker & dishwashers clean up, wash, rinse thoroughly and disinfect all for next event’s use.

Most often, dishwashers will discover broken utensil or material, loose screws, incomplete damaged equipment or any other wreck. Nobody informs anybody. Loose screws can easily be tightened as “screw drivers” are amongst the things in the team’s electrical bag. Nobody cares. Nobody tells…and headache sips in. Whew!

Now, they are surprised why they do not land in a job – not even called for interviews. No concern to even ask themselves: “why don’t I get a good job”, “why am I always out of job?” or “what’s wrong with me?”

8.    100% of our events (not the daily regulars but have jobs on weekends only) employees are on “prepaid mobile phones” (they purchase cards to load credits into their mobiles). Possessing active one is mandatory as it is our contact point with them. Many weekend staff will absent themselves from duty without even notifying the office or any of their colleagues. Their presence is painstakingly pre-scheduled on their duty-days to optimize available manpower-that when one is absent, re-arranging sched is a hassle. After a week these absentees, still, will have the nerve to ask us whether they have duty on coming event or none. What do you think?

9.    Other websites or forums pick-up “job openings” from others then post in their own. Most often they, too, post the company’s number thereat. Many seekers will “text”…just text…if there are still vacancies. Replies are sent requesting them to get hold of a landline and call the given number so the person in charge can schedule them for interview and the corresponding address details can be relayed, which is otherwise difficult to send via texts. Most seekers’ replies are:
“I don’t have a landline”, “how much is the salary” or no reply at all.

Some will call, get the appointment details and confirm to come.

But 99% NO SHOW.
Will they get a job this way? If ever they do, will they love their given job?

In simple perspective, contractualization started the era of un-concerned employment heading to jobless glut. Contributory to such is the unmindful and in-effectively un-productive attitude of workforce since they always have in mind that employment is pure five month affair.

Result then is: rising number of wanderers.