Tough PBA star Doug Kramer cried during his daughter’s birthday

  • PBA star Doug Kramer cried during the 7th birthday celebration of his daughter Kendra
  • Doug presented Kendra with a promise ring and explained to her what it symbolizes
  • After receiving the promise ring, Kendra did something that made her daddy cry

Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) star Doug Kramer of GlobalPort Batang Pier team, who is seen as a tough player in hardcourt, displayed his soft side when he cried during the celebration of his eldest daughter Kendra’s 7th birthday last June 26.

During the grand princess-themed birthday party, where Kendra wore a pretty gown and a tiara, doting father Doug sang a song for his firstborn child. In his Facebook post, the PBA star said: “No I don’t sing, I’m not a singer. But I will sing for you baby coz you asked me to! I love you!

Kramer said Kendra made him cry because of something she did after he presented her a with gift he called a “promise ring.”

Doug explained to Kendra what the ring symbolizes.

“What is a promise ring? Baby, it is an outward symbol of a promise between people, just like papa and mama’s ring to symbolize our love and marriage. For this, it’s a promise between you and me, Kendra. Please remember to stay obedient, to love God, and to never easily give away your love to just anyone. Remember how your family loves you. Bust most especially, remember how I treat you, the time I give you, how I respect you as a lady, how I encourage you to build your relationship with God, and how much I unconditionally love you. You deserve nothing but the best. Happy birthday, Kendra.”

What Kendra did next after receiving the promise ring made her daddy cry.

Kendra removed the tiara she’s wearing and put it on her daddy’s head. She then said: “Dear Daddy, I may find a prince someday but you will always be my king.”