UN names Anne Hathaway as women’s goodwill ambassador

  • UN appointed Anne Hathaway as ambassador of goodwill for women
  • She joined other actresses Emma Watson and Nicole Kidman
  • Anne Hathaway has been known for her film roles promoting women empowerment

From being Princess-you-want-to-be of the fictional country of Genovia, Anne Hathaway is now ready to take another iconic role – not in the movies but in development work – as the United Nations (UN) appointed her as ambassador of women’s goodwill.

UN announced the award-winning actress’ appointment as the ambassador for the promotion of women empowerment and gender equality on Wednesday, June 15. She joins the ranks of other actresses Nicole Kidman and Emma Watson.

“The appointment of Anne is timely because this year UN Women is driving hard to foster more positive mindsets and practical arrangements around workplaces that build and support equality for women,” UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka was quoted in a story by The Guardian.

She also said: “To make the case for how this will increase opportunities for women, we needed an advocate who had the intellect and passion to tackle this complex issue. Within moments of meeting Anne, I realized that we had found our woman.”

Hathaway, for her part, said: “Significant progress has already been made, but it is time that we collectively intensify our efforts and ensure that true equality is finally realized.”

Hathaway has a good history of being a women advocate. In 2011, she flew to Kenya to speak of sexual violence in the strife-torn country. She has also been an advocate of the Nike Foundation, which supports programs aimed at providing a better future for young girls in developing countries.

She also voiced the 2013 CNN documentary about female education entitled “Girl Rising.”

A known figure in Hollywood, Hathaway has been known for her roles promoting strong empowered women in top-grossing movies such as the “Princess Diaries”, “The Devil Wears Prada” and “The Dark Knight Rises”.