“Uncivilized” Chinese guests wreak havoc on Shanghai Disneyland

  • Thousands of local visitors descended on the gates of Shanghai Disneyland after it opened mid-June
  • A lot of park guests wreaked havoc on the park describe as the “happiest place on earth”
  • The unruly guests left a trail of garbage in their wake, trampled flower gardens and even defecated in park grounds

Disneyland is supposed to be the “happiest place on earth,” but in China, the newly opened Shanghai Disneyland has become virtually the “biggest toilet bowl and trash can on earth” just days after it opened its gate to the public, according to reports.

Shanghai Disneyland, the fourth Disney theme park outside the United States after Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong opened on June 16, attracting thousands of local tourists on its first weekend.

Among the first batch of visitors were described as uncivilized, rude and rowdy, who wreaked havoc on the place synonymous with happiness.

Next Shark’s Ryan General quoted the Paper that many of the guests displayed uncultured behaviors like cutting in lines, leaving trails of garbage and vandalizing park  property.

Chinese social media and local news sites posted photos of the “destruction” these visitors wreaked on Shanghai Disneyland. Photos taken since the opening of the park showed the ground covered with discarded food wrappers, plastic bags and paper cups.

The flower beds were trampled upon despite signs asking guests to keep off the gardens. A visitor even scribbled his name on a lamp post.

But what drew the ire of local journalists was the image of a mother who let her child defecate in an open area of the park grounds.

Because of the unrefined behavior displayed by the local visitors, the Shanghai municipal government released an etiquette guide in visiting the theme park.

The etiquette guide booklet appeals to visitors to refrain from littering, being too rowdy, vandalizing, cutting the line, trampling on flower beds, and general “uncouth behavior” such as lying down on the grounds and defecating in public.




  1. Well, they (Chinese) are known for being such.
    Name the worst attitude/behavior you can imagine a human can do, they have it at best!

  2. They need an etiquette guide to know how to act at a theme park? All that money wasted on the wrong demographic. Disney should’ve have simply poured more money in Disney World, where people appreciate the parks.

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