UPLB graduate marches with his pet pug ‘Foreman’ in complete attire, draws attention

  • A UPLB graduate and his pet pug drew attention during the state university’s commencement exercises
  • The pet dog was an instant hit with the people who attended the graduation
  • While many found the ‘special bond’ cute, there were some who did not approve of the ‘act’ 

An exciting graduation march became more joyful when we saw a student marching with his pet pug whose name turns out to be ‘Foreman’ last Saturday, June 26, 2016 at the UPLB 44th Commencement Exercises.

Andrew Lontoc posted on Facebook his joy as he marched along with his pal who was also in complete grad attire: “Shared this moment of glory with this guy who’s been with me through this really steep climb. This baby made the greatest contribution to getting me this far: he kept me sane, well, and alive.”

It is no wonder that many took photos and videos of the awesome pair who took their success to heart; much to the enjoyment of the people who were there. especially as the ceremony started so early in the morning and lasted for many hours.

However, there were some who did not approve of the ‘act’ and felt it was giving dishonor to the much coveted and highly rated “Sablay”.

As expected, ‘Foreman’ also became viral online.

To those who did not like his dog wearing the sablay, GMA shared in its news report that Lontoc said he respects the opinion of others, but that it is not his intention to disrespect the symbolic sablay.

One Facebook user who attended the ceremony shared on a page a short clip of the owner, Lontoc, and his dearly loved pet Foreman as they walk along the venue of the University of the Philppines, Los Banos, Laguna.

Watch him march with his owner!
Watch him march with his owner! Click the image!
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