Video: Kiko Matos caught shoving and kicking Baron in the stomach

  • Kiko Matos was recorded sucker-kicking Baron Geisler in the stomach
  • The incident took place shortly after both men signed their contract with URCC
  • URCC matchmaker hinted that Geisler may have taunted Matos beforehand

MANILA, Philippines – The bad blood between Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos seems to be as bad as ever.

On its Facebook, MMA Philippines shared a video of Matos again surprising Geisler with a cheap shot by shoving and kicking him in the stomach.

The incident took place outside the BAMF Center in Parañaque shortly after the men signed their contract with URCC on June 13.

Both men seemed to be patching up their differences in the video, with Geisler hugging and whispering some words to Matos in the presence of URCC founder Alvin Aguilar and matchmaker Ronald Catunao.

Moments later, however, a visibly irked Matos shoved and kicked Geisler in the midsection before being restrained by his team.

In response, Geisler cursed and taunted Matos as Aguilar looked on.

Catunao later commented on his Facebook that Geisler may actually be the one who instigated the incident this time.

According to him, Geisler did things during their contract signing that left him shocked.

“I don’t know if they will release the video of what Baron did to Kiko during their faceoff at the contract signing,” he said. “I was shocked, that’s why Kiko was so angry.”

Matos and Geisler’s feud started after the two figured in an altercation at the Tomato Kick Bar. Both accused each of starting the fight.

They will settle their differences inside the cage on June 25. The fight will take place under pro-am MMA rules; meaning there will be no elbow or knee strikes to the head. Geisler and Matos will also wear heavier gloves but aren’t required to wear headgears and shin pads.

They will also be allowed to fight without any catchweight requirement.


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