Viral: Jollibee and friends wear Filipino clothes to celebrate Independence Day

  • Jollibee and his friends posed for a photo while wearing Filipino clothes for Independence Day
  • The iconic mascot is with his friends Hetty, Twirlie, Mr. Yum and Popo
  • The photo was posted on Facebook and got over 42,000 reactions and nearly 11,000 shares

A photo of the iconic restaurant mascot Jollibee and his friends went viral after it was posted on social media a day before Independence Day.

“Jollibee Squad wearing their national costume for Independence Day!?” Facebook page Mga Kuwento ni Jollibee captioned the photo.

In the photo, Jollibee is joined by Hetty, Twirlie, Mr. Yum and Popo; all mascots of the popular fastfood chain. They are wearing the traditional Filipino wear to celebrate the country’s Independence Day.

Ang cute ni Jollibee. Puwede bang uwi na lang kita [Jollibee is so cute! Can I take him home]?” said Facebook user L.V.

Cute naman nila [They are so cute]! Happy Independence to all Filipinos,” E.G. wrote.

Ready na sila for Independence Day [They are ready for Independence Day],” D.N. commented using the hashtag #ItsATropaThing.

Some also joked about the photo; saying the mascots look like newly-weds and godparents.

Akala ko naman kinasal na si Hetty at Jabee tapos ninang si Twirlie [I thought Hetty ang Jollibe got married and Twirlie’s their godmother],” said AA.

While others are surprised with some “unexpected revelations.” Like J.R., who even tagged the name of her boyfriend.

Baby lalaki si Jollibee [Baby, Jollibee is a guy]. Don’t call me jollibee anymore!” she said.

Likewise, YM noticed that Popo is not a girl.

“Popo in Barong Tagalog! My childhood was so wrong! I always thought and treated my litte Popo toy (back when I was 5) as a girl. Why?” she said.

As of posting, the photo of Jollibee and friends has already generated more than 42,000 reactions and nearly 11,000 shares.

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