VIRAL: Jose Manalo falls into river twice

  • Jose Manalo falls into river twice  during  “Eat Bulaga’s Sugod Bahay” segment
  • The camera didn’t capture his first fall
  • He reenacted what happened and voluntarily fell into the river for the second time

MANILA, Philippines – Comedian and “Eat Bulaga” TV host Jose Manalo fell into the Santolan River twice during the noontime show’s “Sugod Bahay” segment on Tuesday, June 14.

Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola visited a barangay in Malabon City, wherein some of the houses are built right above the river.

While the hosts in the “Eat Bulaga” studio, including Vic and Tito Sotto, were interviewing the “Sugod Bahay” winner, they  found out that her mother’s house was among those which are built right above the Santolan River

Being his usual comedic self, Manalo demonstrated how the people go across the river to their houses using a raft. Unfortunately, he lost his balance and fell into the river.

The rest of the “Eat Bulaga” hosts couldn’t stop themselves from laughing, but also expressed concern for their co-host.

Allan K was heard checking if Manalo was okay because he had a lapel microphone attached to him, which might have malfunctioned after he fell into the river.

After he was able to go across, Manalo assured them that he’s fine and said in jest that he felt like he took a dip in a hot spring.

Since the camera didn’t capture how he fell into the river, the “Eat Bulaga” hosts wanted to see how it happened and he complied to their request, despite Wally Bayola’s halfhearted protest.

Manalo demonstrated what happened and voluntarily fell into the river for the second time.

The “Eat Bulaga” hosts and the studio audience also challenged Bayola to do the same, but the latter begged off; saying he’s afraid of the water.

Watch what happened here.