VIRAL: MMDA officers call for a dance challenge

  • A video of MMDA officers dancing to the beat of ‘Shake Your Booty’ is becoming viral
  • The video intends to encourage citizens to participate in the Metro Manila Shake Drill on June 22
  • As of posting, it has been viewed nearly 500,000 times

 Who says law-enforcement officers don’t know how to groove?

A video of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) featuring two of its officers dancing has been gaining much  online.

The video shows two MMDA officers dancing to the beat of “Shake Your Booty”, and boy, do they groove well. It was captioned with “MMShake Dance Challenge” and bears the hashtags #mmshakedrill and #mmshake

It encourages Metro Manila dwellers to support the upcoming Metro Manila Shake Drill happening on June 22.

Posted on Monday morning, June 6 on Facebook, the video has already garnered more than 455,000 views and over 7,500 reactions and shares as of writing.

Given the fear of the “Big One” or the anticipated quake to shake Metro Manila due to the WestValley Fault, MMDA has been active in promoting disaster preparedness especially in this type of calamity.

The June 22 activity is geared towards measuring the effectivity and preparedness of different sectors in the cities in case there is an earthquake. This will help pinpoint the areas where there are loopholes or needs improvement.

“All members of the community should know what to do in case of a 7.2-magnitude earthquake,” MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos earlier said.

Aside from the video, MMDA also has the website; launched in partnership with Rappler where people can see all details relating to the drill.

“This includes important tips such as what to do when an earthquake strikes, how to sign up as a volunteer, as well as suggested earthquake drills for different sectors of society,” Rappler said in a story published May 30.

Let’s watch the dance challenge and shake our booty: