Wally Bayola’s face submerged in basin of water — twice

MANILA, Philippines – Comedian and “Eat Bulaga” TV host Wally Bayola got his face submerged in a basin of water twice during the noontime show’s “Sugod Bahay” segment on Wednesday, June 22.

The “Sugod Bahay” winner wanted to play a role of a ‘kontrabida’ so they asked her to do a skit with Wally, who played the role of her father, and three other individuals who played the role of her siblings.

Jose, who served as the director gave them a short scenario. He said that while the two other siblings were washing the clothes, the youngest one would be crying at the corner. When the “Sugod Bahay” winner arrived, she’d dunked faces of her siblings into the water basin and then Wally would tell her off.

Wally gamely agreed to do the scene.

The “Sugod Bahay” winner indeed followed Jose’s instructions and dunked the faces of her two siblings into the water basin and when Wally arrived to reprimand her, she told him that it’s his fault why her siblings became lazy.

She then dunked Wally’s face into the water basin.

Because of the position of the water basin, the camera didn’t capture the incident so Jose said they need to do take for a closeup of the scene.

Wally moved the water basin at the center and they did the scene again.

Jose shouted: “Good take!” after it’s over.

This happened eight days after Jose fell into the Santolan River twice during the “Sugod Bahay” segment as well.

While the hosts in the “Eat Bulaga” studio, including Vic and Tito Sotto, were interviewing the “Sugod Bahay” winner, they  found out that her mother’s house was among those which are built right above the Santolan River

Being his usual comedic self, Jose demonstrated how the people go across the river to their houses using a raft. Unfortunately, he lost his balance and fell into the river.

Since the camera didn’t capture how he fell into the river, the “Eat Bulaga” hosts wanted to see how it happened and he complied to their request, despite Wally’s halfhearted protest.

Jose demonstrated what happened and voluntarily fell into the river for the second time.