Watch: Artist creates art using shadows of trash

  • An artist creates art using shadows of trash, particularly crumbled paper
  • Turkish Electrical Engineer Tolga Girgin is the artistic person behind the unique masterpieces
  • Girgin sketches by outlining the shadows of wrinkled paper

Perhaps, when you have enough talent and inspiration, you can create unique masterpieces even by using shadows and trash.

In an article written by Rokas J. of Bored Panda, it was disclosed that Turkish Electrical Engineer Tolga Girgin, who is also a calligraphy artist, sketches by outlining the shadows of wrinkled paper.

Then, turning the crumpled paper ball around, he fuels his imagination by bringing the many “faces hiding in the shadows” to life.

Girgin’s artwork receives a lot of praises from social media users.

“Wow! When you have imagination everything is possible!” L.T. said.

“Draw with trash. What an awesome idea. Will use as boredom buster today,” Playtivities stated.

“This is very clever. I used to sketch faces and patterns I saw in our wall plaster. Fun!” K.C. said.

“Wow! Amazing work first time I saw that work,” F.A. commented.

Meanwhile, some shared that they also do the same thing; or at least, have the “eyes” that are similar to that of the artist’s.

“Aha. So I’m not mad. Someone else also imagines faces in the shadows,” G.R. commented.

“As a hobby is cool though, we used to do this when we were kids,” commented D.N.

“I’m not the only one that can see art in such abstract things. From clouds to stains on the wall,” K.R. stated.

If you want to see how Girgin turns shadows of trash into art, you may watch the video here: