Watch: Baron Geisler goes beast mode again, caught raging outside a bar in Quezon City

  • Apopletic actor caught throwing a fit outside a Quezon City bar
  • He can be heard spewing expletives before being escorted away
  • Uploader who posted the video said it may not have been Geisler who started the fracas

MANILA, Philippines – Baron Geisler’s name has been popping up in the news lately— mostly for the wrong reasons.

Amid his ongoing tiff with indie actor Kiko Matos, Geisler was again caught in another beast mode moment after he was recorded raging outside Guilly’s Bar in Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

In a video posted by Wilbert Brandon Travis on his Facebook, a clearly angry Geisler can be seen hurling “p*******a ka” and “bakla ka” at an unidentified party while being flanked by a bouncer. Afterwards, he then dons his jacket and walks away.

According to Travis however, this incident may not be entirely Geisler’s fault. In the comments section, he said someone suddenly punched the actor without warning. When he asked the assailant why he did that, the latter answered it was because Geisler was making trouble inside the bar.

A commenter who said he was there when the incident occurred corroborated Travis’ claim about the sudden attack on Geisler. According to him, the actor was suddenly struck by the assailant who then ran off. However, he did not comment on whether Geisler was being unruly inside the bar.

Geisler is set to fight Matos in a URCC mixed-martial arts match after the two figured in their own brawl inside a bar last May 26. Both parties denied instigating the fight.

More than a week earlier, Geisler also drew the spotlight after he was recorded choking a member of a student production crew for giving him his script late. The actor and the student director have since made up over the incident.



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