Watch: Baron Geisler, Kiko Matos fight to a draw in URCC match, end feud at last

  • Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos’ settled their feud in a much-hyped URCC MMA exhibition match
  • Judges ruled the match a draw, with both men scoring one round apiece
  • Geisler and Matos also made up, said they no longer hate each other

MANILA, Philippines – The feud between Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos has officially been settled.

The actors fought to a draw on their long-awaited MMA exhibition match held on Saturday, June 25, 2016 — with both men saying they no longer hate each other in separate press conferences after their match.

“No more, no more hate between us, no more pride, no more arrogance. I believe that we both respect each other as actors, and as human beings. So congratulations, Kiko,” Rappler quoted Geisler as saying.

For his part, Matos said he had long stopped hating Geisler and was in fact just going along with the latter’s stunts.

“When we annoy each other, it’s just for fun. For me, Baron was just annoying me for fun too. I just rode with it. Now that the fight is over, there is no more right or wrong – it could be that we were both wrong – but there shouldn’t be anything to fight about anymore. I’m okay with Baron Geisler now.” he said.

Matos dominated the first round by fully mounting and raining punches on Geisler. In the second round, Geisler rallied by landing several good strikes on Matos and forcing him on his back in a choke attempt.

Judges scored the fight 19-19 — meaning each fighter won one round apiece during their two-round match.

After the fight, both men appeared to permanently bury the hatchet by hugging each other.

The bad blood between the two started after they figured in a brawl inside a Quezon City bar. In the aftermath, URCC president Alvin Aguilar offered them the chance of settling their differences by fighting it out in the cage.

Watch full fight video: