Watch Baste Duterte’s speech at “DU31: One Love, One Nation Thanksgiving Party”

  • Baste Duterte attended the “DU31: One Love, One Nation Thanksgiving Party”
  • He delivered a speech wherein he thanked the Filipinos for believing in his father
  • He urged them to continue the revolution that began at the start of the campaign

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s youngest son, Sebastian, popularly known as ‘Baste’ delivered a speech in front of hundreds of thousands Filipinos who attended the “DU31: One Love, One Nation Thanksgiving Party” of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday night, June 4, in Davao City.

Clad in a locally-made T-shirt, shorts, and slippers, Baste thanked the crowd for believing and supporting his father and urged them to continue the revolution that began at the start of the campaign.

Speaking in a mixture of Tagalog, Visayan and English, the 28-year-old  Political Science graduate said that since we have already elected a president that we really trust, we must not waste this chance to change our country and do what we can to build a better tomorrow for our children.

He reminded the crowd that although they’re in a festive mood at the moment, there are still a lot of people in our country who are suffering from hunger and poverty.

He went on to say that our brothers and sister who need help shouldn’t be forgotten and added that it won’t be easy but that everything starts with us.

Rappler quoted him as saying: “Tomorrow let us be good to one another.”

He also encourages everyone to patronize our locally-made products; noting that Filipinos are talented and gifted.

“Magpaka-Pilipino ta kay Pilipino man ta,” he said.

[Let’s act like Filipinos because we are Filipinos.]

Baste acknowledged that nobody is perfect and admitted that he himself has his own vices such as drinking and smoking, but what’s important is not to get caught.

He told the crowd that if they break the rules and get caught, they must be prepared to face the consequences.

Baste is a private person but became a social media sensation when he actively campaigned for his father.

He maintained though that he doesn’t want to follow his father’s political footsteps.