WATCH: Christina Grimmie’s last performance before tragic death

  • A fan uploaded Christina Grimmie’s last performance
  • Grimmie opened for Before You Exit‘s concert at The Plaza Live in Orlando, Florida.
  • She sang “Without Him”, a love ballad from her 2016 EP, “Side A”

A video of singer-songwriter Christina Grimmie’s final performance before her tragic death surfaced online.

On Saturday, July 11, Youtube user Silky Skills uploaded the video of the 22-year-old performer singing “Without Him”, a love ballad from her 2016 EP, “Side A”, when she opened for the pop punk band Before You Exit‘s concert at The Plaza Live in Orlando, Florida.

As seen in the 44-second video clip, the “The Voice” alumna displayed her amazing singing prowess and stage presence.

The video now has over a million views.

According to an article published by Telegraph, Grimmie was shot by Kevin James Loibl while she was busy doing autographs.

Police said that the 27-year-old killer did not appear to have a criminal record and did not know the singer personally.

Destiny Rivera, a fan of Grimmie, disclosed what happened during the shooting since she was lined behind Loibl; waiting to meet Grimmie for autograph signing.

Mail Online  quoted Rivera as saying: “The one guy in front of us was walking up to meet her. Her arms were open, waiting to greet him with a hug.

Then there was a sound of three pops, like balloons. People had brought balloons to the show and the security guards were popping them so at first I thought it was that. Then I saw the yellow barricade fall and the two people who had just met her started running away.

I saw Christina’s leg fall to the side on the ground like a dead weight. I didn’t see her face.”

Loibl shot himself dead after Grimmie’s brother, Mark, tackled him to the ground.

A fan’s video on YouTube: