Watch: Fan disrespects Steph Curry’s father with fake handshake and ‘dabbing’

A Video from the stands after the Cavaliers’ win in Game 7 of the NBA Finals has surfaced which shows a fan offering Steph Curry’s father, Dell Curry, a hand shake before pulling it away the last second and doing the dab, as the elder Curry watches him walk away. The fan was walking up the steps at Oracle Arena when he seemingly asked the 1993-94 Sixth Man of the Year for a handshake, but instead savagely (and disrespectfully) “dabbed” on him. It looked as though Dell didn’t know what just happened to him.

It is easy enough to assume that the man who pulled the trick on Dell Curry was a Cavs fan. Bad blood was running deep, and it made sense for a Cleveland Cavs supporter to target Steph’s dad with something this cold.

ESPN referred to him as a Cavs fan. When the topic turned up on Facebook, it identified him as a Cavs fans. However, according to one of the original users that tweeted and promoted the video, he’s not even a Cavs fan.

We think that this man was lucky Dell just let it go. Considering Dell Curry played for the Cleveland Cavaliers during his NBA career, this is pretty disrespectful.

After four games in this just-concluded NBA Finals, it looked as though the Golden State Warriors were well on their way to winning back-to-back championships. However, LeBron James didn’t let that happen, and Dell Curry, Steph’s dad, felt the pain shortly after Game 7.

It was a rough week to be a Curry. But this was flat-out disrespectful after his son just lost the biggest game of his career.

According to, “dabbing” is “a type of dance (move) when one crosses one arm diagonally across their chest and the other arm is straight and diagonally extended outwards from their body. This move is quite popular with dancers, football players, and teenagers.”