Watch: Kitten does its best to be with its friend puppy in a pet shop

  • Kitten did its best to be with its friend puppy in a pet shop
  • The kitten and the puppy were in separate shelves
  • People have different reactions on the video

A kitten did its best to be with its friend puppy which was in another shelf at a pet store in Taiwan.

In an article written by Julija Televiciute of Bored Panda, it was disclosed that the kitten and the tiny puppy were separated by a plastic barrier at the JoLinn Pet House.

Both animals turned sad. The kitten, later on, decided to escape its booth to play with the puppy. It jumped from its booth, trying to reach the puppy.

As the kitten balances over the pup’s booth, the pooch, apparently, could not hold its excitement, too. It stood on its two paws to help the kitty get in. And after one brave jump, the two ended up together.

As of posting, the video of the two animals now has over 50,000 views; gaining different comments from people online.

Some suggested that the two must be adopted together.

“Please, someone adopt those together,” wrote YouTube user D.

“They should have a home together. Please if someone plans on adopting them – take them both!” said K.T.

“Can someone buy both of them already and give them the life that they deserve?” noted N.Z.

Some, however, do not like the idea that animals are being kept and sold in stores.

“This is so sad. Animals should not be sold in pet stores. I wonder what happens to them if they’re not getting sold,” E.O.F. commented.

“Pet shops should be banned, keeping animals in cages like this is disgusting,” S.B. stated.

“Do not buy animals in pet stores, that easy. Don’t justify this business no matter what,” R. urged.

You may watch here the video of the kitten and the puppy: