WATCH: Philippine jeepney parades in New York

  • The Philippine jeepney was featured in the streets of New York
  • de.Ap initiated the project of making the #ItsMoreFuninThePhilippines jeepney
  • The vehicle was made by Sarao motors

PH Jeepney in the US of A?

Yes! The iconic jeepney which Filipinos commonly use as a public transportation has made its way to the Big Apple. And who’s responsible for this? None other than

The Filipino-American rapper of the popular musical group Black Eyed Peas posted on his social media accounts some preview of the jeep that graced the streets of New York for the Independence Day celebration last Sunday (Manila time: Monday).

“My The Philippines It’s More Fun in the Philippines jeepney is finally done and making its debut in the Independence day parade in New York !!! Thank you to everyone for making this happen Tourism Promotions Board – formerly PCVC #tpbgovph Boden AutoHaus and everyone from PIDCI !!! #mabuhay #apljeepney,” said on his Facebook post on Sunday.

“Thank you to everyone that made it out in the rain and all of our friends that flew in to join me on this day of independence!! Jo Koy LoveLianeV #mabuhay The Philippines It’s More Fun in the Philippines Tourism Promotions Board – formerly PCVC,” he also posted.

The jeep that made it to New York was made by Sarao Motors; a Filipino automotive company that is known for manufacturing the iconic public transportation of the common Filipino. Leonardo Sarao, owner of the company, is the first one to manufacture the Philippine jeepneys.

The jeeps actually came from the Americans and it was first used by soldiers during the war. When the war ended, there were a lot of unused jeeps left to the disposal of the Filipinos at the time. It was remodeled by extending the back seats to accommodate more passengers and a roofing was installed.

The long jeeps used publicly are referred to as the passenger-type jeepneys while the shorter ones are the owner-type jeepneys used as a private vehicle.

Let’s watch a vid clip here: