Watch: Sweet Taylor Swift surprises super fan, shows up and sings at his wedding

  • Singer surprised fan by showing up and performing at his wedding
  • She even gave the newlyweds a handmade gift to cap off their wedding
  • The groom’s sister coordinated with the singer to surprise her brother
  • She told Swift her brother and bride earlier wedded inside their ailing mother’s hospital room
  • She said her brother and mother even danced to her hit song before she passed away

United States – Taylor Swift is doing just fine, thank you.

As proof she’s apparently getting over her break-up with former flame Calvin Harris, Swift surprised a fan of hers by performing at his wedding in Brant Beach Yacht Club, New Jersey last June 4, 2016.

The American singer showed up and sang her hit song “Blank Space” to the delight of Max Singer, his bride Kenya Smith and their guests during the reception.

Swift sang while playing a small electric piano. Many of the guests recorded her performance and had their pictures taken with her.

Later on, Swift gave the newlyweds a gift — a colorful hand-painted card emblazoned with her song’s line “So it’s gonna be forever” in front.

Swift also posed for pictures with the couple and shared them on her Instagram account. In one of the photos, she joked that she was the “third wheel”.

According to People, Singer’s sister Ali contacted Swift months earlier. In a touching letter, she told Swift how her brother and his bride had earlier married in civil rites at the hospital so their ailing mother wouldn’t have to miss his wedding.

She also revealed that her brother even danced with their mother to her “Blank Space” song before she died.

Soon enough, Swift responded and the pair began making plans for the surprise performance.

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