13 soldiers in hot water after testing positive for drugs use

  • A surprise drug test was conducted at the Philippine Army headquarters in Fort Bonifacio
  • 13 out of 2,500 soldiers from different units tested positive for illegal drugs use
  • The 13 soldiers were placed under military custody

Thirteen Army soldiers tested positive for illegal drugs use after undergoing a surprise drug test.

A mandatory drug test was conducted on Wednesday, July 6, at the Philippine Army Headquarters in Fort Bonifacio in coordination with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, wrote Frances Mangosing of Inquirer.

The drug test was conducted after the soldiers’ morning exercises. No soldiers were exempted. Even Army chief Lt. Gen. Eduardo Año submitted himself to the mandatory drug test.

“Everybody was required to undergo the drug test led by our Army commanding general,” the Inquirer quoted Army spokesperson Col. Benjamin Hao as saying.

Hao said 13 out of 2,500 military personnel from different units failed the initial screening test.

He said the 13 soldiers were immediately required to undergo further tests in a drug-testing establishment of the Department of Health. They were placed under military custody at the army headquarters pending the result of the confirmatory tests.

“We do not tolerate these things, we don’t tolerate illegal drugs in the Philippine Army,” the Army spokesman said.

The 13 soldiers will be discharged from service if further tests confirm their use of prohibited drugs.

Since 2013, more than two hundred Army personnel were discharged from service due to cases related to illegal drugs.