A cleaner Divisoria: Citizens credit Duterte for its transformation

  • Divisoria, considered as the shopping mecca of the Philippines, is known for its chaotic, dirty streets
  • People were amazed with the recent transformation of Divisoria
  • The dramatic change was credited to the so-called “Duterte Effect”

Divisoria is considered as the shopping mecca of the Philippines because of its wide assortment of low-priced goods. But the place is very crowded, chaotic and dirty.

A social media user, however, was amazed by its recent transformation – from dirty and chaotic to orderly and clean, and credited the dramatic change to the so-called “Duterte effect” or the positive impact of the leadership of the country’s new leader, President Rodrigo Duterte.

Netizen Del Rosario Esteves Ed could not believe his eyes with what he saw.

“Recto Divisoria totoo ba ito? [Recto Divisoria is this real?]” he asked in disbelief.

He shared several pictures of the now clean and orderly Divisoria. Gone were the illegal vendors and the trash that littered its streets.

Pinoy Trending, which published the photos Del Rosario Esteves Ed shared, said this kind of transformation will attract more tourists to Divisoria.

“I think, officials of Metro Manila is trying to imitate our current President, Duterte made Davao as one of the cleanest cities in the Philippines and every officials must imitate his kind of governance,” Pinoy Trending quoted someone, who used to be a “non-supporter” of Duterte, as saying.

Pinoy Trending also noted that more people are now more confident in openly using their gadgets like smartphones while walking the streets of Divisoria because they believe criminals are afraid of the new president.

President Duterte vowed to eradicate illegal drugs, corruption and criminality within the first six months of his presidency.



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  1. If this is so, I hope this is not ‘ningas kugon.” This is a negative Filipino trait where one changes, only on a temporary period. It should not be a temporary change, out fear, but out of genuine change from the heart. Change that will bring about true discipline that will effect the transformation needed for a better society.

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