A mockery: Chinese cartoon calls PH a “banana seller” who stole West PH Sea from “father” (China)

  • Chinese cartoon mocked UN arbitration ruling and the Philippines
  • It depicted the country as a banana seller who dared to steal the West PH Sea from China
  • Chinese citizens also scoffing and denouncing the ruling

MANILA, Philippines – With the tension in the West Philippine Sea heating up amid the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA)’s ruling favoring the Philippines, Chinese citizens angered by the ruling have come forward to mock the smaller country on social media.

Image from Weibo
Image from Weibo

On Chinese microblogging site Weibo, one cartoon has been going viral especially for its depiction of the Philippines as a “banana seller” who dared to steal from its “father” (China).

The cartoon starts off with the Philippines claiming that the [West Philippine] Sea is not China’s, which is then followed with China’s retort of “Oh? Really?” while staring at the smaller country with “wisdom”.

The Philippines can then be seen in the next panel sweating and thinking “I’m panicking” inwardly.

The last panel then shows China slapping a crying Philippines in the head while calling it a banana seller.

“How dare you! A banana seller dares to rob the [West Philippine] Sea from your father!” reads the line in the panel.

According to Quartz, China’s state-run papers and private citizens have upped their rhetoric denouncing the arbitration ruling.

In Weibo, the state-run Global Times called for users to comment on its post expressing its disgust with the ruling.

“The arbitration is an empty paper. We just think of it as a bunch of idiots talking to themselves,” one commenter wrote.

Several other commenters also threw daggers at the Philippines and called on their government to either boycott or declare war against the smaller country.

Some also denounced the United States and accused it of using the Philippines to stir up trouble in the region.



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