Amid drug lord video: Ramon Tulfo tells De Lima bashers to research first before judging

  • Known Duterte stalwart told bashers of the senator not to pre-judge her on viral video
  • He personally contacted De Lima to ask her side 
  • He advised people to do some research on stories first before jumping to conclusions
  • He also said it was necessary given that people can post anything they want on social media

MANILA, Philippines – Embattled Sen. Leila De Lima has found an unlikely ally in Ramon Tulfo.

In his column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Tulfo — a stalwart of President Rodrigo Duterte — defended De Lima from bashers accusing her of partying with jailed drug lord Herbert Colangco as claimed by a viral video.

According to Tulfo, people should not outright condemn the senator right away without even verifying the facts. He said he texted her to ask whether it was true she really partied with Colangco.

“Mon, one of my staff called me. He was able to watch the video. That video was actually taken during my birthday at the DOJ (Department of Justice) quadrangle last Aug. 27, 2015.  [The person said] to be Colangco was really Cong. Alfred Vargas, who was one of the guests. Others who attended were singer Imelda Papin, Undersecretary/now ERC Chair Jovy Salazar, & many DOJ employees,” read De Lima’s reply to Tulfo.

The senator also told Tulfo that Vargas, a representative of Quezon City, was wearing shades at the time because he was suffering from sore eyes; a claim validated by Vargas himself in a separate interview.

Moral of the Story

Ending his post, Tulfo told people to do their research on controversial stories first before making a judgment.

He said such carefulness is needed especially since anyone can post what they want on social media without little to no chance of being held accountable especially if their statement is downright false.

“Most of them are irresponsible because they have nobody to answer to,” he said.


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