Amid UN tribunal ruling: State-owned paper says “peace-loving” China should prepare for war with USA

  • State-owned daily called for China to be prepared for military confrontation with the US
  • It said China will not back down against the US and those who encroach on its interests
  • It also blasted the UN arbitral tribunal, said China’s refusal to recognize it is legitimate

MANILA, Philippines – A nationalistic paper owned by the Communist Party of China’s People’s Daily has called on its armed forces to be prepared for a shooting war with the United States in case the dispute over the West Philippine Sea goes out of hand.

In its editorial, the Global Times denounced the interference of the US and said China — although militarily inferior — was ready to exact a steep toll on its rival should the former forcefully intervene in the West Philippine Sea.

“China should speed up building its military capabilities of strategic deterrence. Even though China cannot keep up with the US militarily in the short-term, it should be able to let the US pay a cost it cannot stand if it intervenes in the South China Sea dispute by force,” the editorial said.

The paper also blasted the presence of two powerful aircraft carrier battle groups near the West Philippine Sea and said China won’t be cowed by their presence.

“China is a peace-loving country and deals with foreign relations with discretion, but it won’t flinch if the US and its small clique keep encroaching on its interests on its doorstep,” the paper added.

Reiterating China’s avowed stance on the United Nations (UN) Arbitral tribunal ruling which is expected to come out on July 12, the Global Times said the country’s refusal to participate is legitimate and said no amount of propaganda can make it change its mind.

China’s refusal to cooperate with the tribunal is legitimate based on UNCLOS. All hyperbole and distortion of China’s stance will not make a real difference,” it said.