Angelina Mead King opens up about her transition and relationship with wife Joey Mead

  • Joey Mead’s husband, Ian King, came out as a transgender woman
  • Ian, now Angie, shared her journey and relationship with Joey had its fair share of struggles
  • She said they were scared about going public about her transition at first but everybody had been supportive so far

After making a buzz in social media for coming out as a transgender woman last July 3,  Sunday, Angelina Mead King opens up in an interview with Tim Yap about her transition and her relationship with wife, Joey Mead King.

In the exclusive interview published by The Philippine Star, Angelina, or Angie as she prefers to be called, revealed that Joey knew about her secret a few months into their relationship.

The couple was introduced by Yap and started dating in 2006 before finally settling down in 2011, as per an article published by Rappler.

Angie shared that, despite coming out as trans, she remains happily married with Joey as her partner has been incredibly supportive of her transition. But mentioned that their relationship has had its fair share of struggles.

“Joey helped me to progress way faster than I would,” Angie told Yap. “As much as she enjoyed in the beginning and hated it later on. Just like in ‘The Danish Girl’, I broke her because she lost face where her knight in shining armor wanted to be a princess.”

She continued: “That was the hard part for us, but we picked up the pieces, we figured out what our relationship was – we love each other and this is not gonna break us.”

When asked if she has desires to be with men now that she has transitioned, she said she still prefers women.

“No, I’m not gay. I like women. Sexual preference and sexual identity are totally different. There is no clear description in the Filipino native language, there is no Tagalog version of LGBT — that’s where the blurred lines come from. Appreciation of people comes in many shapes,” she explained.

Angie also shared how she and Joey were scared about going public with her transition, afraid that they’ll be criticized by society, but everything worked out.

“I never imagined this thing we were scared about was going to liberate us. We never expected it. Not just me, but Joey is overwhelmed with the love and support. Everyone is here for us, it’s really nuts,” she said.

After her interview with Yap, she sent him a message through Instagram to express her gratitude in helping her share her journey.

“Thank you Tim Yap for sharing my secret to the world. I love you Joey Mead King. Five days into coming out I am still euphoric with how much support I have been getting from the public and I am really bursting with happiness,” she wrote