Angry Chinese citizens destroy iPhones to protest arbitration ruling

  • Chinese citizens purportedly destroyed iPhones to protest unfavorable ruling
  • The protest was aimed at the United States which manufactures the iPhones
  • Boycott vs US, South Korea, Japanese and Philippine products also being pushed

MANILA, Philippines – Really?

Chinese citizens angry with the recent Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) ruling invalidating China’s 9-Dash Line in the West Philippine Sea are reportedly destroying their iPhones in response.

Hong Kong-based producer Grace Tsoi reported the phenomenon on Twitter.

“Chinese netizens smash their iPhones in order to protest against the #SouthChinaSea ruling made by The Hague,” read her tweet.

Pictures of iPhones either smashed or bent were also trending on Chinese microblogging site Weibo; apparently as a sign of protest against perceived American meddling in the dispute between China and the Philippines.

However, some who viewed the pictures also expressed skepticism since some were taken with an iPhone.

Others also scoffed at the gesture and said it would have been better for the protesters to boycott the upcoming iPhone 7 instead.

Boycott Rivals’ Products

Calls to boycott products coming from China’s rivals have also been mounting in the aftermath of the ruling.

“Let’s all start boycotting today. Do not buy goods from South Korea, Japan, America and the Philippines. Do not travel there. I cannot fight on the front lines, but I will not be the foolish citizen who provides bullets for the enemy,” one viral Weibo post read.

Chinese protesters especially pointed to Philippine mangoes and bananas and said those against the ruling should avoid buying such products.

A few ultra-nationalists have also called for war against the Philippines, although state censors were quick to delete the posts.

China has refused to recognize the ruling; saying it would only negotiate with its smaller neighbors via two-way talks.



  1. Go ahead, destroy all those cheap zero levelled sub-standard iPhones made from your country!
    Good riddance of fake products!

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