Appliances, pornographic materials among those confiscated in Negros Occ jail

  • Authorities confiscated appliances, weapons, and pornographic materials at the Negros Occidental jail
  • This was part of the “Operation Greyhound” to clear jails of drugs and contraband materials
  • The Negros Occidental District Jail has the second highest prison population in the Negros Island Region

A joint raid by the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) and the Philippine Drug enforcement Agency (PDEA) revealed various contraband items, including some appliances and a number of pornographic materials, in possession of inmates at the Negros Occidental District Jail.

The so-called “Operation Greyhound” that aims to rid jails of  illegal weapons and contraband items as a preventive measure against possible violence in prisons, was conducted last July 13, as part of an intensified against illegal drugs as ordered by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Inspectors discovered, among others, some improvised weapons, cellphones, appliances, jigsaw puzzles, pornographic materials, and DVD players.

Chief Insp. Ruth Estales told ABS-CBN News that they also confiscated pieces of cloth or any fabric hanging by the beds of the prison inmates so that jail officers can easily monitor the movement and activities of jail occupants who would have used the pieces of hanging cloth to conceal themselves.

Previous clearing operations conducted months prior led to the confiscation of drug paraphernalia.

There have also been incidents of stabbing among inmates using concealed contraband weapons.

BJMP Regional Director Senior Supt. Hernan Grande said that they will continue to do jail inspections as part of President Duterte’s marching orders to rid the jails of drugs.

In terms of prison population, the Negros Occidental District Jail currently has the second highest number of prisoners in the whole Negros Island Region.