Artist praised online for his photograph-like portraits

  • An artist is getting a lot of praises online for his photograph-like portraits
  • Italian artist Emanuele Dascanio uses a combination of charcoal and graphite
  • Dascanio has more than 71,000 Facebook followers at present

An Italian artist has been receiving a lot of praises from social media users for his photograph-like portraits.

In an article written by James Gould-Bourn of Bored Panda, it was disclosed that artist Emanuele Dascanio, who has become viral online, creates lifelike images using a combination of charcoal and graphite.

The artist was taught the oil techniques of the old renaissance masters by Italian painter Gianluca Corona. He then combined this knowledge with his own unique style in order to create the beautiful portraits that perfectly blend the classic with the contemporary.

Dascanio gives lots of time and effort to his passion. To note, some of his masterpieces even took him 780 hours to complete.

Somehow, he deserves his more than 71,000 Facebook followers as of posting.

“The artist has a profound understanding of drawing and shading. This is a serious portrait. The pre lines and later outlines are perfect building up the detail after detail forming the face parts evenly. In general a fine speciment of drawing which clearly states the gift of the creator,” said Facebook user A.A. on  the comments section of one of the artist’s posts.

“I love this paint, I saw it live, it is amazing, the first impression was: They should show the original one, this is a photo. But I was wrong, that was the original one that looks like a photo!” A.C wrote.

“I as an abstract- graphic artist admire this technique very much. Yes, you are correct, it does look like a photograph or a replica! Your ability, Emanuele as a realist is extraordinary,” commented G.A.

You can view more of Dascanio’s amazing portraits in his Facebook page, Emanuele Dascanio Painter Artist.