Artist recreates famous paintings using oatmeal

  • An artist is getting a lot of attention online for her extraordinary style
  • Instead of using the usual art materials, Sarah Rosado creates masterpieces using oatmeal
  • Rosado has been recreating famous paintings like Mona Lisa and Starry Night

An artist is now getting a lot of attention online for recreating famous paintings using oatmeal.

In an article written by Nathaniel Ainley of The Creators Project, it was disclosed that self-taught artist Sarah Rasado is now famous for recreating famous paintings by using breakfast oats. With the kitchen table as her canvas, she often pairs an oatmeal-friendly fruit with each work and frames it with an arrangement of cinnamon sticks.

“I was born in New York City. Growing up in this big city had its ups and down but it was good for the most part. Ever since I was a young child I loved to draw. At age 5 I was scribbling or doodling images of little cartoon faces on everything I got my hands on. Through my school years, Art class became my favorite subject. I love anything that has to do with Art and am always challenging myself in creating different styles of art form. I love variety and you will find a reflection of that in my art work,” Rosado said in an interview with UpOut.

Rasado has recreated a number of famous paintings already; some of which are Mona Lisa, Starry Night, and Girl With a Pearl Earring. Aside

Aside from recreating her favorite paintings, Rasado has also been creating oatmeal portraits of famous singers like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

“The inspiration for the series came one morning while eating cereal and listening to oldies and R&B music. The idea to create celebrity faces with cornflakes was born: ‘because music has never tasted so good,’ I thought. And at that moment I was struck with the idea to create images of my favorite artists with the cereal,” she shared.

You can view more of Sarah Rosado’s work on her website.