Artist uses human body as canvas for his paintings

  • An artist uses the human body as canvas for his amazing paintings
  • Corey Malcolm Lajeunesse is a Seoul-based artist and photographer from Canada
  • He paints scenes on human body such as sunsets, blue skies fields, among others

A Seoul-based artist uses the human body as canvas for his amazing paintings.

“Taking a variety of elements from nature such as sunsets, blue skies, and a variety of natural phenomena, I depict beautiful landscapes on the canvas of the human body. Sometimes I will prepare a backdrop to give my images more depth, or rely on a stark black canvas for a more dramatic effect,” artist Corey Malcolm Lajeunesse said in an article which he wrote on Bored Panda.

Lajeunesse, who is a Seoul-based artist from Canada, is also a teacher, body painter and photographer.

“Three years ago I had an idea for a photography series, and ended up embarking on a medium that I would run with,” he shared.

The artist is now receiving a lot of positive comments from social media users.

“Love this one, colors and simplicity gorgeous,” said Facebook user L.L.

“Wow! That had to be difficult to paint. Well done Corey,” commented T.B.

“Amazing work, Corey!” wrote B.W.

“Wow! Love all the colors, dimensions, tribal and eclectic! Masterpiece!” J.D. stated.

“I love this! Nicely done,” commented A.H.

“Your creativity seems endless, beautiful. Well done, Corey,” said L.L.

“Body painting seems like such a long process. I think it is an extraordinary endeavor and should be well documented, if you need another person with a camera, please let me know,” offered A.P.

At present, the artist is sharing his passion and masterpieces to his hundreds of followers on Facebook and Instagram so you may visit his accounts for more of his lovely masterpieces.