“Bato” cries on national TV over Father’s day message to his own dad

  • PNP chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa cried on national television after listening to his own message to his “Papa Doro”
  • The rock-solid “Bato” said he is not afraid to show his softer side in public
  • “No, brave men do cry” were his exact words

MANILA, Philippines – “No, brave men do cry.”

Those were the exact words of “rock-solid” new Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa whose tough demeanor was briefly reduced to a ‘crying gentle giant’ after he heard his Father’ Day message to his own father read to him on national television.

During a guesting at ABS-CBN’s “The Bottomline” on Saturday evening, July 9, Bato turned emotional and can be seen in tears as host Boy Abunda read the message which the PNP chief himself shared on Facebook.

The letter read in full:

Dear Papa Doro,

I know deep in my heart that you’re now the proudest father knowing that your son, whom you could hardly send to school due to your meager income as a tricycle driver is set to become the chief of the PNP.

I didn’t know where did I get the courage to defeat my fierce enemies and the strength to face insurmountable challenges and then I realized, I am your son.

The son of a small but terrible father who never ran away from a fight, especially from the fight against hunger, lack of education, emptiness and poverty. I’m so proud of you, Pa. You fought a very good fight and emerged victorious.

How I wish you’re still here to coach and cheer me in my three to six months fight against drugs and criminality. I’m nervous, Pa. So please pray for me and the PNP. I may win or I may lose. But I sincerely dedicate this fight to you. I miss you, Pa. Happy Father’s Day.

Despite showing his softer side as a man, Bato said he is not concerned even if people would see him being emotional, even crying, as it only showed his humane side.

“Kasi kung ikaw taong walang puso, hindi ka tao. Hindi ka naging matapang kung wala kang puso. Dahil walang basis ‘yung katapangan mo kung wala kang puso,” Dela Rosa explained.

[Because if you’re heartless, then you are not human. You cannot be brave if you don’t have a heart. Because your courage will have no basis if you lack the heart.]

Dela Rosa is President Rodrigo Duterte’s personal choice to be the next PNP chief. The two have worked together in Davao City after De la Rosa was appointed police chief serving in the said capacity from January 2012 to October 2013.

Duterte’s first marching orders as commander-in-chief to Dela Rosa was to rid the country of criminality and illegal drugs; a task and a challenge which the 54-year-old Philippine Military Academy (PMA) alumnus gladly took with enthusiasm.

Watch the teaser of Bato’s “The Bottomline” guesting below.