Bato Dela Rosa: 9 cops test positive for drugs

  • PNP chief said nine policemen have failed the surprise nationwide mandatory drug testing
  • He declined to give names and ranks though, said the samples to be subjected to confirmatory tests
  • He said the erring cops will be facing dismissal and other raps once the samples are confirmed

MANILA, Philippines – Following his order for a surprise mandatory drug test since becoming chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa revealed that nine policemen out of the 24,405 who were subjected to the test were found positive for drug use.

“The test yielded negative results on 2,396 urine specifics submitted for analysis. Nine samples yielded positive results,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying.

Dela Rosa declined to reveal the names and ranks of the nine for now pending confirmatory testing.

“These specimens will be subjected to further confirmatory test,” he said.

The PNP chief added they will file charges against the nine policemen once the confirmatory test definitely establishes drug use.

“There is one confirmatory test to be done in the precincts. If they’re going to contest the findings, then let them. We will pre-charge them which includes an investigation. Ultimately, they will be dismissed. We will dismiss them from the service,” he said.

Dela Rosa, who assumed the PNP’s top post last Friday, added that none of the 75 ranking officials who attended a conference with him tested positive for drug use.

Prior to his assumption of leadership over the 160,000-strong police force, Dela Rosa warned scalawag cops to surrender within 48 hours or face the consequences.

“I am giving you 48 hours to voluntarily surrender to me and reveal everything you know,” he said. “Otherwise, you can go AWOL (absence without leave), become a full-time drug lord and go to war with us.”