Bestselling author of ‘Eat Pray Love’ announces separation from husband

  • Bestselling author of post-divorce book ‘Eat Pray Love’ Elizabeth Gilbert announced her separation from husband
  • The author said their split was very amicable and asked for privacy during this time
  • Her husband, José Nunes is the actor ‘Felipe’ in the book

Author of bestselling book, ‘Eat Pray Love’ made a public announcement that she is separating from her husband after almost a decade of marriage.

“I am separating from the man whom many of you know as “Felipe” — the man whom I fell in love with at the end of the EAT PRAY LOVE journey,” Gilbert wrote in a Facebook post on Friday.

Gilbert and her husband, José Nunes met when she was traveling around the world, as she narrated in her book. Gilbert married the Brazilian in 2007 and lived together in Frenchtown, an area that is approximately 60 miles west of New York. At some point, they were engaged in a business where they managed a shop importing clothes from Asia.

“He has been my dear companion for over 12 years, and they have been wonderful years. Our split is very amicable. Our reasons are very personal,” Gilbert continued in her post.

She also requested privacy at this time.

“At this time of transition, I hope you will respect our privacy. In my heart, I know that you will do so, because I trust that you understand how this is a story that I am living — not a story that I am telling,” she said.

The book she wrote was a post-divorce memoir of spiritual and romantic discovery. The emotionally-driven story resonated with millions of readers. It was published in 2006 and has been translated into over 30 languages. The book sold over 10 million copies worldwide and was even made into a film that starred Julia Roberts as Gilbert. The movie was released in 2010.

Gilbert was even named one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2008.